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  2. Feel comfortable picking the system that works best for your budget, time frames and preferences.
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B: You contact us

  1. We prepare the quote, we sort out the rest.
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As a Solar Broker, we aim to remove confusion & assist you make an informed decision.  
  • provide transparency with prices and products
  • help you purchase with confidence.
  • finding the best products the best installers.

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Q: How do we achieve these prices?
A: We have cut out marketing, quoting and corporate costs, so we can give you higher quality installations at a lower price.

We .... use quality, reliable installers.

  • ensure they are paid their FULL $$ rate for installs to do the job properly.
  • ensure product and workmanship warranties are supported.


The consultant Marcus was really through and very professional in providing us the options. He customized systems for us and made genuine suggestions which helped us choosing the system.

The installation of the system was done by professionals who were, without bias, the best in their job. They ensured we are informed of the entire process and kept our requirements a priority.

Keep up the great work guys! Very happy customers.  Source
Marcus Cundy-Cooper contacted me regarding the solar quote and sales. He has very good depth knowledge in this subject and guided me in the best possible way. He is just not after sales but he considered the solution that fits my needs best. I am very happy with the Solar Retailer he recommended. Highly recommend them. I have taken 8.2kw system with fronius inverter.   Source

The customer service received from my initial inquiry all the way through to purchase was exceptional, Marcus is a superstar.

We had no issues choosing the company he recommended as they were exceeding all our expectations. The installers were pleasant to deal with.

A five star review wonderful service. Knowledgeable, helpful, comparable offer, Marcus is extremely helpful in imparting knowledge on solar power systems.

We highly recommend this company and Marcus.  Source

Marcus was excellent to work with, easy to get hold of and professional throughout. He provided an easy to understand spreadsheet which detailed numerous options for different systems and their payback period. All this was based on my situation, previous bills and house orientation. The process was quick and efficient.

The installation team that Marcus recommended were fantastic and completed our installation in a day from start to finish. They were also available for questions I asked in the following weeks.

In summary – great experience, recommend to all.

After researching various companies, we decided to choose the company recommended by Energy Advisor.

Our point of contact was Marcus who was not only exceptionally professional but was also knowledgeable and very honest and transparent. From the first point of contact to installation and care we received post-installation, everything went so smoothly. Such a great experience!

Thanks, Marcus! Keep up the great work!   Source

Marcus has such a wealth of knowledge which helped so much in making the decision to not only use solar gain but the perfect system for what we needed, Would definately recommend.  Installation was great. Can’t wait for my next bill!!!"
It's not easy for someone who doesn't know all that much about solar PV installations to wade through the incredible amount of information that is available on the Internet, trying to understand what would be the optimal solar system for our house.

It took us over a month, gathering information, taking "site visits" from high-pressure salespeople, the non-stop badgering by phone and email from the same high-pressure salespeople. There was also the attempts at confusion and doubt sowing by Solargain's competition. It wore us down.

Then we discovered Solargain and their helpful, knowledgeable, laid-back representative, Marcus Cundy-Cooper. How refreshing that was.

Marcus responded to our initial inquiry and asked us pertinent questions about our requirements. NO HARD SELL! He then responded to our further questions by email, documenting what he could offer and helping us to understand the differences between the systems Solargain could offer. In the meantime, we had received some information from some of Solargain's competitors outlining issues they said they had with our site and the type of installation we were looking at.

We asked Marcus about these concerns and he was able to allay any fears we might have had and followed that up by sending us government information along with with product details, a roof layout and schedule.

This attention to detail along with Marcus' helpful and easy-going approach filled us with confidence and we decided to take up Solargain's offer of a 10kW PV system. The system itself was installed smoothly and without any issues by a team of three installer/electricians.

The installation took two days as Marcus had predicted and the installation team turned up on time on the date selected for the installation. We have no hesitation in recommending Solargain and in particular Marcus Cundy-Cooper to anyone who is in the market for a solar PV system.
…    Source

Solar Retailers and Installers we use are all accredited.